This Is Ghost Rider Requesting A Flyby

This week’s cocktail recipe is in honor of our very own Lieutenant Colonel Tyler Peck who just happens to be a pilot!! Now I don't know if you've heard yet but on Saturday night our girl Adriana married a pilot! After seeing Tom Cruise in Top Gun, I'm pretty sure every girl at one time or another has dreamed of marrying an incredibly sexy pilot.

Drinks inspired by two of our bachelors!

Today we give you some fantastic drinks that are inspired by India AND Rock & Roll It's Thirsty Thursday today for all you college students out there, and/or anyone else who partakes in this special day and wants to enjoy some fabulous drinks! Today you'll find drinks that are inspired by the last two winners of

The Man Of The Hour: Prince Al Zaheed

The man of the hour on Saturday was none other than Prince Al Zaheed! I'm happy to tell you that Adriana married a Prince on Saturday, not a Disney animated prince, but an ACTUAL prince! How lucky is she? Prince Al Zaheed wooed the crowd with his exuberance, crazy dance moves, and all out fantastic personality, but he didn't just woo the crowd who are the people that get to choose which bachelor Adriana will marry, no, he also wooed Adriana as well.

The Must Listen To Podcast between the Producer of That Bachelorette Show and Shaina from To Dos Before I Do!

This podcast is fantastic for anyone looking for tips on planning the best bachelorette party! We are extremely excited to share this interview between our producer, Ken Davenport, and Shaina from To Dos Before I Do podcast where they discuss how Ken got into the business of producing, That Bachelorette Show, and great tips to having a perfect bachelorette party.

Are You Ready for A New Desktop Background?

Time for another free download for our favorite person ever! (That's you!) It's Friday!!! Who's excited? I tell you what, for some reason this week has dragged on and gone by way to quickly at the same time (how is that even possible?) but now it's Friday! For the next two days we all get to relax, unwind, and forget about work for a little bit before the dreaded Monday comes along.