It’s Time To Bring Back The 80’s!

Alright, it’s time to start planning for your bachelorette party (yay!) but what are you gonna do?? There are SO many choices out there for you but lets be real here. Bachelorette parties can seem to run together after doing the same activities each time one of your friends gets married. So, to keep that from happening may I offer up a suggestion?

Throw an 80’s party!


That’s right! You heard me…well read me, but still! An 80’s themed bachelorette party is sure to be packed with tons of fun and leave you with great memories that will last and you can look back on for your ‘fling before the ring’.

I’ll be honest with you. I wasn’t born in the 80’s. BUT I have heard, and seen on TV and in photographs, that the 80’s were a real happenin time (for those old enough to enjoy it), and we would be remised if we did not find a way to experience it. It’s a popular decade after all. I haven’t seen any high school dances or fraternity/sorority parties centered around the 90’s or something. Yea, you get your random 70’s party with the tie-dye and the big sunglasses, and the occasional Roaring 20’s party complete with those awesome flapper dresses, but besides that, nothing.

It’s all about the 80’s and there’s a reason for that!

The 80’s had it all!


Everything was neon, there were jelly shoes and rubber bracelets, shoulder pads, and parachute pants…basically every fashion faux pas you can think of, but it was glorious! Oh! and let’s not forget the hair! The big, BIG, hair and those super cool side ponytails.

So why not bring it back for your bachelorette party? You and your friends will have a blast reliving, or experiencing (if you’re like me) the decade that everyone talks about. Dress up like one of those flash dancers, make sure you’ve got tons of neon and bright makeup on and rock it. Head out to take the town by storm in your 80’s themed outfits or stay home and rock out to some pretty great artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Bon Jovi, Blondie…I mean, take your pick. Some pretty great music came from that time.

There’s no chance you won’t have a blast as long as embrace the craziness!

the 1980s

Have fun ladies!!


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