Your Wedding Is In Twelve Months. Now What?

12 month plan for wedding

Congratulations You’re Engaged! You’re wedding day is picked out! Now the hard part begins. You have twelve months to plan your wedding…

What do you do? Tell me, What. Do. You. Do?

Let’s Begin!

Twelve months to go until you’re big day.

Announce you’re engagement! (Duh) I’m sure for most of you, seeing as how it IS the age of technology, but you should also consider announcing your engagement in the paper. It’s the more traditional path but it’s definitely a nice touch.

Choose you’re wedding theme, style, and color scheme for the wedding! Pinterest is a godsend. If you aren’t sure what you want for your big day or just need some inspiration Pinterest is your go to place. Of course, If you’re like me, one of the first boards you made on Pinterest was your “wedding” board so you might already know exactly what you want down to the smallest detail.

Start looking for your wedding dress!

Get wedding insurance. Honestly, I didn’t even know this was a thing until I started writing this blog but it’s a must have! Wedding insurance is there in case something goes wrong with one of hundred things you’re spending money on for your wedding. With the right policy, wedding insurance can insure that even if the biggest disaster strikes, like loosing your venue that you’ve already paid for, you will get that money back. This, in fact, happened to a colleague of mine. Her wedding venue was shut down and the owner ended up going to jail so she couldn’t get her deposit back! That was $6,000 down the drain. If you want to know more about wedding insurance check out this article from The Knot.

Eleven Months

Decide on your budget for the wedding and who is going to pay for what.

Come up with your guest list. Remember to keep your budget in mind though, more people costs more money.

If you’re going to hire a wedding planner or a day-of coordinator, begin interviewing candidates.

Ten Months

If you’ve decided to use a wedding planner then it’s time to hire them.

Choose and book your wedding venue and schedule a rehearsal time at the venue.

Choose and book your reception venue (if your wedding venue and reception venue are different) and leave a deposit.

If this wasn’t one of the first things you did, choose your bridal party! Maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ushers, and ring bearer and flower girl if you choose to have them in your wedding. Some couples don’t.

Start researching wedding vendors such as photographers, officiants (this one is probably the most important), florists, caterers, etc. Set up interviews, and go over their reviews and portfolios to decide on who you’ll choose.

Start shopping for your wedding dress. Wedding dresses can take a long time to come in and then you also have the risk of needing to be refit for it which tacks on more time so the sooner you choose your dress the better.

Nine Months

Book your photographer

Get your engagement pictures taken!

Book your officiant

Meet with potential caters and have food tastings then select and book a caterer.

If you’re planning on having a band or a DJ at the reception, now is the time to book them.

Eight Months

 Finalize your guest list

If you have people coming from out of town, reserve blocks of hotel rooms for them

Choose and order your save-the-date cards

Seven Months

Send out your save-the-date cards

Order thank-you cards

Set up your registries

Six Months

If you’ve decided to use a day-of wedding coordinator then it’s time to book them

Book florist

Hire videographer if you want video of your wedding and reception

Schedule tastings for your wedding cake

Book your ceremony musician

Book accommodations for your wedding night

Rehearsal dinner host should select and book the venue

Decide on bridesmaids dresses and have your attendees place their orders. Again, it can take a while for dresses to come in so the sooner they place their orders the better.

Plan and book your honeymoon

Five Months

Choose your invitations and decide on the wording. Will you go traditonal, modern, or a little bit of both?

Order wedding cake and groom’s cake

If you’re planning for it, book your hairstylist and makeup artist

Choose groom’s and groomsmen’s attire

Four Months

Purchase the accessories for your wedding gown

Provide guest lists to your maid of honor and best man for your bridal shower, bachelorette party, and bachelor party.

Three Months

Finalize the menu with your caterer

Confirm number of bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, etc with your florist (make sure to see samples and/or sketches)

Meet with officiant to plan the ceremony

Order wedding favors

Confirm party plans with maid of honor and best man for the parties

Purchase wedding rings

Choose accessories for everyone in the bridal party

Shop for gifts for the wedding party

Research marriage license requirements

Send out wedding invitations

Two Months

Start compiling a playlist for your wedding reception (make sure to include a list of must-plays and do-not play songs)

Confirm rehearsal time and rehearsal dinner time and then alert your wedding party

Start wearing your wedding shoes to break them in. You don’t want blisters on your wedding day!

Create your ‘must-take’ photo list for the photographer. On the day of the wedding, everything is extremely hectic and you could completely forget about the pictures you really wanted to have. I’d suggest after making this list give it to, not only the photographer, but the maid of honor as well

Make appointment to have your wedding dress fitted.

One Month

Plan and finalize the wedding day schedule and send the information to your wedding party and vendors

Give a final head count

Confirm delivery time and location with your wedding cake vendor

Confirm with all other vendors and honeymoon plans

Finalize all payments with your vendors

Prepare your speeches and vows

obtain your wedding license

Do a hair and make-up trial run

Rehearsal-dinner host should send out invitations

Have final dress fitting and pick up the grooms tux

The Last Few Days Before Your Wedding

Pack for wedding day and honeymoon

Make sure the wedding party has their outfits

Get a manicure and pedicure

Practice your speeches and vows

Give gifts to members of your party

Rehearse the ceremony with your officiant and wedding party

Day Of The Wedding

Attend hairstyle and makeup appointments

Arrange enough time for photography

And last but not least. Enjoy your day. You’re getting married! After planning for the last twelve months, you know everything is going to run smoothly, so have fun.

Go on and marry the love of your life already! 

12 months to wedding


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