The Bachelorette Season 11 Finale Was Last Night!

The Season Finale of The Bachelorette Was Last Night!

The Bachelorette Season 11 is over and what a crazy season it was! From bringing Nick in part way through the show, Ian’s bashing of Kaitlyn, the drama of Kaitlyn telling Shawn early on that he was it then sleeping with Nick, and the all out hatred between Shawn and “the other guy”, there was never a boring episode. Heck, there was rarely an episode without any crying in it!

But finally, FINALLY, Kaitlyn made her decision, having to choose between Nick and Shawn, and I just want to take a moment to clap for Kaitlyn for making the right decision!

slow clap for the men
I’ll be the first one to say, and some of you will disagree with me I’m sure, that Shawn was the right man. Sure she had some extreme chemistry with Nick, but how far will chemistry get you. You’re in the heat of the moment, everything is happening extremely fast because it’s a reality TV show, so obviously emotions are running high but what would happen when the show was over? Would that chemistry still be there when it wasn’t almost, forbidden and they didn’t have the cameras around? I really don’t think so. I think she really thought about how the relationships between the two men would be far far into the future and she could tell that Shawn was the more stable, more loving, more trusting man. Kaitlyn loved them both, as she shows during the finale, but one love was stronger.

Still. Being Team Shawn, I was extremely stressed during last night’s finale.

Kaitlyn had her last date with Nick, and of course it went off without a hitch, but when it was time for Kaitlyn’s last date with Shawn, the day date was extremely uncomfortable. I get it, she had a lot to think about and was extremely stressed, but man! It was hard to watch.

Thank goodness the evening turned out okay because I had almost given up hope.

And let me explain, if you follow us on Twitter (which you totally should!) you know that I’ve been live tweeting during the episodes this season and sometimes, sometimes, the only way I can’t get my feelings across is through .gifs. In honor of that (since half of my post last night were .gifs) here were the top 3 that expressed what I was feeling and what was happening at the time PERFECTLY. Seriously. I’m proud of these you guys.


(When I was panicking during Kaitlyn and Shawn’s day date)


(Every. single. time. Kaitlyn cried the past few episodes, including the finale.)

And lastly, the one that depicted my reaction the moment I realized Kaitlyn chose Shawn and he proposed to her.


I’m not kidding. I was giddy.

So, I want to know, were you happy with her choice? Did you want her to end up with Nick, or maybe you wanted her to pick someone else entirely? I want to know! This season was filled with so much drama that from what I saw on Twitter, a lot of people were just fed up by the end so I would love to know what you thought of this season and the finale.


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