10 Steps To Being The Best Damn Maid of Honor Around

Here’s How To Be The Best Maid of Honor Ever!

Maid of Honor

On the day of the wedding, the Bride is going to need help. Don’t believe her when she says she has everything handled! You are their to ensure her big day goes off without a hitch and make sure she actually has a chance to enjoy it.

Here are 10 Steps to make sure you do everything the Maid of Honor should do to help the Bride.

1. Make sure the Bride eats.

Once the day activities begin, she’s going to be too busy and too distracted to even think about food so you need to think for her. Make sure she eats a good breakfast and then keep small snacks around to give her to eat throughout the day. You don’t want a hungry bride and you REALLY don’t want her to pass out from low blood sugar.

2. Give the Mother of the Bride a Xanax.

Make sure you’ve got one already ready for her. She’s going to need it. I’m not kidding. You think the Bride is stressing out? The mother has surpassed her in the stressed out bar a LOOONNNGGG time ago. So just give her a Xanax and do what ever else you have to do so that she can enjoy this day with her daughter.

3. Be on the offensive through every wedding related event. SPECIALLY the reception.

The bride won’t have time to let her ear be talked off by everyone from her extended family but how can she politely pull herself away from the great-aunt whom she hasn’t seen in years? She doesn’t. You do. You are there to make sure she enjoys the reception that she’s been planning for however long. No matter what, you make sure she has a good time, whether that means being perceived as rude by guests by dragging her away from them (although she will thank you) or being the first one to interact with the long winded guests so that they’ll talk your ear off and NOT hers. You are there specifically for the Bride. Your job is to back her up through everything.

4. Don’t forget about the groom’s mother.

Everyone’s focus is always on the Bride and her parents, but you can’t forget about the groom’s mother! She needs love to, after all her baby boy is growing up and starting their own family. They won’t need a Xanax but they’ll still need a nice big hug.

5. Be prepared for anything to go wrong while getting ready for the wedding (nails, hair, makeup, and dress)

Maid of Honor Emergency Kit

Anything can happen at any step in the day while getting all dolled up. Early on in the day, things can be fixed a lot easier and with a lot less stress but the closer it gets to actually walking down the aisle, the more freaked out even the littlest things will make the bride. Keep an emergency kit close at hand and make sure to have items such as: band-aids, one of those miniature sewing kits, safety pins, scissors, tissues, tweezers, mints, nail files, and a tied-to-go pen! Be prepared. You need to think like a Boy Scout/Girl Scout on the day of the ceremony and have anything and everything you might need and back up plans for your back up plans in case everything goes to Hell in a hand basket. Need any other ideas on what should be in your emergency kit? The Knot has created a list here!

6. Have the bride print out a list of photos she wants

This is something that I think most people won’t think of (I didn’t when I was MOH) but it’s definitely something you should have prepared. The Bride might, and probably does, have specific pictures she wants taken of her and her groom, bridesmaids, and the west of the wedding party but when it’s time for pictures everything is crazy and you’re trying to get them done quickly to get to the reception so it easy to forget about certain pictures you want taken. Don’t let that happen! Talk to the Bride before hand and make a list of what she wants, keep one for yourself and make a copy for the photographer.



7. Is there a flower girl and ring bearer?

Have fun with them. Kids are hilarious and so you need to have a sense of humor when dealing with them. They aren’t adults. They don’t understand the importance of the day to everyone else. They’re just having a good time and are really excited to be meeting new people and play a roll in this day. Let them be. Understand that they are children, they might need their parents, or you might have to bribe them with candy or toys to get them down the aisle. Either way kids are cute and just have fun with them.


8. Don’t forget about transportation!!!

How is the bridal party getting to and from hair and make-up, to the ceremony, to the reception, and back to their cars? This is stuff that has to be figured out before the day of the wedding! Don’t leave it all up to chance or everyone will be running around like a chicken with their head cut off.

9. Have an amazing playlist prepared.

There needs to be specific songs already picked out for the Bride and Groom, Father and Daughter, and whatever other specific dance between family members. Those are most important and should be decided before the day of the wedding. Besides that, make sure there is an awesome playlist for the reception so everyone will have a blast.

If you need an idea of prepared playlists, check out Spotify.

10. Last but not least. Give the best damn speech anyone (at least friends and family) will ever hear.

Don’t forget about your Maid of Honor speech. It’s really a small moment in the grand scheme of things but its going to mean a lot to the Bride, specially if she’s your sister or you’ve been friends for years (or at least it’s feels like years). But remember this. Don’t bring up past relationships, her wild side that maybe not all of her family knows, and really anything that she doesn’t want to be reminded on. You might think it’s a funny story. It’s not. Unless it’s something that she jokes about, personally, all the time it doesn’t need to be mentioned. If you’re unsure, ask someone. This speech should be sweet and heartwarming. Don’t wait until the last second unless you’re really really good and making something up on the fly. Like I said, this is really a small moment in the grand scheme of things but it’s still something between you and the Bride that the both of you will always remember.


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