The Men Tell All In Last Night’s Episode Of The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette “Men Tell All” Episode Recap!

I’d just like to start off by saying two things. First off, in my personal opinion, this was a very tame “tell all” episode out of all the reality shows I’ve seen through the years and I was a little disappointed. Where was the drama? The yelling? The fighting? 99.9% of the time everyone was on their very best behavior. It shows that these men are actually good people (I assume so at least) but it just makes for bad TV. However, I do prefer a real show over something the directors have tricked out with all sorts of conflict which I feel happened multiple times throughout the season. Secondly, be prepared for a lot of .gifs. I’m not going to apologize for it. Some times the only way to get how your feeling across is in a short clip! I’m sure you’ve all been where I’m at right now.

But enough about that.

When the show started I was completely feeling the Kevin Hart skit:

Seriously, all of those men in one “room” together should have some problems with what they saw play out through the season since they only saw their side of the show. But no. For the most part everyone was on their best behavior. Bravo. You made the show boring.
slow clap for the men
Lets talk about what was, for me at least, the most memorable part of last night’s show.


It ALWAYS comes back to Ian.

During the “Men Tell All” episode of The Bachelorette, close to the beginning of the show in fact, Ian came down from the seats, removed his suit jacket, and then proceeded to apologize for the way he acted to the men and Kaitlyn while on the show.

Ya’ll know he was just trying to save face right? The majority of the people to watch The Bachelorette HATED him and he came off as such a pompous prick/petulant child that he had to do something to make himself look good again. I don’t believe for a second that what he said to the men and Kaityln was sincere, but that’s just my opinion of course. I did love that some of the bachelors stood up for her against Ian and told him how disrespectful he had been and how “Princeton needs to teach a class on how not to be an asshole.” (Thank you Tanner)

Another part to the show was dedicated to Clint and J.J.’s “relationship”. I’ll be honest, I didn’t start watching the show until halfway through the season so I missed out on a good portion of their bromance but man! Those gay jokes got REALLY REALLY  old REALLY fast. I felt so bad for the two of them and you could just see the steam coming out of Clint’s ears. I’m seriously surprised he didn’t go off on everyone.

And oh my gosh! When Jared came down to talk one-on-one with Chris my heart broke all over again!! Jared was such a gentleman! Even after Kaitlyn didn’t give him a rose, he still talked to her and comforted her and even offered her his coat!! Guys just don’t do that these days! Then when he broke down in the car, that was just painful to watch all over again.

I just have one more main thing to talk about after watching last night’s episode. After Kaitlyn came in and talked to the men about certain issues and tried to reason with them about her decisions, Chris let the audience in on what has been happening in Kaitlyn’s life since the episodes started airing. I can not believe what some people wrote to her!!! He only read, what 3, letters/posts, but they were BRUTAL and HORRIBLE! One of them was written by a mother and it was the worst one of all yet she said all types of horrible things about Kaitlyn. How did she not see that what she was saying about Kaitlyn was even worse than Kaitlyn just living her life and making her own decisions that didn’t hurt the rest of the country. Sure, they hurt a few men on the show, but for crying out loud! It’s a reality TV show people. What do you think is going to happen.

So i’m just going to end this post here and say, bullying is not okay. Bullying a child is not okay and bullying an adult is not okay. It’s the same thing and can have the same effect whether the person is 12 or 30.

But don’t worry Kaitlyn. You do you boo boo. You do you.


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