How To Give A Great Wedding Toast

Wedding Toasts are an art form. Some people can create a masterpiece while others just crash and burn the moment they begin.

Why is that?

Why can some people give a toast, without planning it out before hand and have it turn out to be a speech worthy of a Golden Globe, while others plan what they’re going to say for weeks in advance and end up failing?

Honestly, some people are just gifted when it comes to public speaking but if you’ve got a wedding coming up and you know you’re going to have to give one let me give you a few tips on how to give a good wedding toast.

1. Keep It Short.

Unless you’ve got some awesome musical number planned, like this baby here, I’d recommend keeping it under three minutes. Everyone and their mother is going to want to give a toast to the happy couple and at some point it’s going to get old and your arm is going to get tired from constantly having to raise your glass. Don’t be one of those people who gives a twenty minute toast. Keep it short and to the point and everyone will thank you for it.

2. Write It Out.

Now some people can come up with something right then and there but the majority of us can’t. Don’t feel bad. I had to write down my speech and tweak it multiple times before it was time to give my toast. It just makes things easier for you. You can get all your thoughts down and then decide what is needed, what’s unnecessary, what’s funny, what’s not…you get my point. If you write it down and go over it I can guarantee you’ll come out in the end with a better toast than what you would have originally.

3. Demand Attention and Introduce Yourself.

This is kind of a no brainer. You want the Bride and Groom to be able to hear you and you also need to introduce yourself before you begin in case guests don’t know who you are. Just stand up, speak loud enough that everyone will hear you and clear enough for everyone to understand you and you’ll be fine. Let them know who you are, if you’re in the wedding party, and how you know the couple.

4. Tell A Story.

Everyone loves a good story. It gives people something to laugh about or reminisce over. It’s also something that will be sweet for the bride, groom, or both. It can be anything from a crazy incident when you were kids, for example when I first met one of my friends, (I was 4 while she was 6) she decided she wanted to go play in the creek and I knew we weren’t allowed without an adult so when my mom told me to bring my now friend to her to explain she wouldn’t come so I ended up dragging this 6 year old girl across the yard by her feet. Crazy right…we were friends like an hour later and have stayed friends for 2 decades now so that story is absolutely going into my toast. It can be about how you met each other, or a memory of the couple together (maybe you introduced the two to each other). Something that’s either funny or sentimental is perfect and everyone will enjoy it.

5. Don’t Embarrass Anyone

This. If there’s anything you take away from this post it needs to be this right here. Do not. Under any circumstance, embarrass someone. Do Not embarrass the Bride or Groom, but don’t embarrass anyone else whether they’re there or not. It’s not okay. You might think it’s funny and that it’s not embarrassing but you should know better. You don’t bring up past problems or stories that are uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter if it was a long time ago or whoever you are referring to can laugh about it now. They might be able to laugh about it but that doesn’t mean they want it brought up at their wedding where maybe other’s don’t know about it. Think before you speak. I’d recommend telling someone what you plan to say in your toast before you actually give it. And please, for the love of God. Don’t bring up past relationships or their wild fazes. Just don’t. Keep that in the group. 

6. End With A Toast

Every speech needs to end with a toast. It’s called a ‘wedding toast’ for a reason. You’re ending toast should be something about the happy couple and how happy you are for them and the new life their beginning together.

Keep in mind. There’s nothing wrong with being mushy and sentimental. Despite what is on Youtube, not every toast needs to be funny. Sentimental toasts are just as good as the ones that will make people laugh.

I hope these tips have helped you in some way. I know it can be a little nerve racking but I have the utmost faith that you will give a fantastic toast. Good luck my friends.


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